What Makes News?

News is an unpublished account of human activity, and thus seeks to educate, inform, or entertain the readers about the current happenings. The very first requirement for news is that such an article should not have already been published elsewhere before. It should for the very first time come into the readers’ hands. There are various techniques used in publishing news and some of them include the following.

The most important factor in making news is the way it is covered by the media. A story that is well-attended by the press, is given prominent coverage while a story which is not so well-attended gets to be ignored. The coverage of any particular news event makes it a significant factor in the lives of the readers. But this does not mean that just anything will make news, there is a certain pattern that is to be noticed in determining what makes news.

News is divided into two categories – regular and unusual. This division is made on the basis of the probability that the news will be liked by the readers and the listeners. If a story is unusual in its line of thinking or the opinion it carries, then it is definitely news. Similarly, if it seems to be supported by different experts in the field and if the same news spreads like a virus, then it is news.