How To Cook Food Fast

Many people want to know how to cook food in less time. Whether you need to prepare a large meal for you or your family or you are looking for an easy way to prepare healthy meals for your loved ones on a weeknight, cooking food takes time. It can be time consuming if you do not have a recipe or you cannot get the right ingredients for the recipe. The best way to learn how to cook food fast is by trial and error, by doing it often and by practicing. This article will give you some tips on cooking times, serving methods, and other ways to make cooking food fast.

Most cooking processes cause undesirable compounds called free radicals to form in food products. Free radicals, also known as unstable organic compounds, are molecules with missing electrons. When these compounds come into contact with oxygen, they grab the electrons, emitting unstable atoms that can damage the structure of the molecules they are grabbing. Ionized proteins, such as lecithin oil, antioxidant agents like vitamin C and beta carotene, and certain vegetable proteins create a protective layer that prevents free radical formation.

In order to prolong the shelf life of many foods, especially foods with essential nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, iron, zinc, and Vitamin A, they must be cooked at temperatures above 160 degrees Celsius, although this depends on the type of vegetable being cooked. In addition, when essential nutrients are boiled or fried, they lose most of their nutritional value because heat destroys most of the essential nutrients in food products. Cooking foods to release the nutritional value by boiling them first minimizes the loss of essential nutrients and maximizes the use of foods with essential nutrients.