Introduction to Recipe Writing

If you are new to cooking and want to get a feel for the different ingredients used in different recipes, then you should start by reading about recipes. In a book for beginners, a short recipe is simply a detailed description of what to do in a specific recipe. It usually includes information on types of ingredients and cooking methods. A simple recipe is merely a series of instructions which describes how to make or prepare something, specifically a dish. Early examples include an ancient compilation of recipes called the Necronomicon, a hand-written record of recipes found in ancient Mesopotamia, a reference made by the Greek traveler Ptolemy in his book the Atlas.

Early cooking books also included cookery practices and recipes that were used by aristocratic meals. Recipes of this time were intended to be easy to understand and eat so that the masses would not have too much trouble preparing the dishes themselves at home. With advancements in food safety and hygiene, these recipes have been simplified and made more suitable for the public.

The process of creating a suitable recipe for cooking is one of many aspects of culinary art. The chef must also be imaginative enough to think up new ways to utilize ingredients or how to improve the methods of preparation without making the dish itself complicated or repugnant to the taste. Some of the most popular recipes in the world are based on well-known cuisines and regional specialties. American television shows like Chopped and Top Chef make great use of celebrity chefs who are asked to prepare a dish for a particular program. Professional chefs such as Gail Laguna have even gained popularity for hosting popular cooking shows on television.