Why You Should Never Repeat The Same Thing Over Again

The purpose of news is to inform the public. According to Oxford dictionary, news is “newly received or noted, particularly by someone who is not especially familiar with the news.” Therefore, news is something that most of us are constantly in need of. According to Cambridge English Dictionary, news is “a daily report or publication of recent events not usually known or heard by someone who is not specifically interested in the subject”.

In the same dictionary meaning, news can mean “the state of being new or fresh, as in the case of a new born baby” or it can mean “a fresh beginning, fresh experience, etc.” And in this example, we know that the news of the day was that Connecticut’s first woman governor was elected. Therefore, the news of the day was “A woman governor was elected in Connecticut.” As you can see, in this example, the word news has a completely different meaning from the English meaning of the word. Therefore, news must be re-written into a more general meaning in order to make sense.

As an example, in an article I wrote on 4 aug. 2021, I mentioned the word Cuomo as a synonym for news. Therefore, in that article, I stated: “The first lady of Massachusetts, Stephanie Rawlings-Ferry, was elected yesterday by the citizens of Massachusetts to serve her term as Governor of the commonwealth.” In that article, however, I used the word news in a way that indicated that the event was major news and that it was noteworthy.