Self-Help Guide To Eating For Energy And Weight Loss

SELF Nutrition is a diet that is based on the concept that eating for energy or weight loss is the wrong way to go about losing weight. It teaches the importance of eating vegetables, fruits, meats and grains and avoids the popular low-carb fad diets. Instead of counting calories or obsessing over fat grams, you focus on what you should eat every day in relation to your daily activity level.

What separates SELF Nutrition from the many low-carb diets available is that the focus is not on eliminating one group of food group. This diet focuses on eating several food groups every day, and it is possible to eat as much as you want without being hungry. While it is possible to lose weight by cutting out carbs and fats, many people who try these types of diets find they return to their old habits soon after.

The Self-Help book, SELF Nutrition, gives detailed information on how to create a diet plan that fits into your lifestyle. It also gives detailed information on what food nutrition and vitamin guidelines you should be following to get the most out of your food choices. There are also helpful sections on shopping for food and recipes. For the health-conscious individuals who are afraid of losing too much weight by cutting out certain food groups, SELF Nutrition helps them avoid doing that with this very practical self-help book.