How to Start a Blog About Foods

Food blogging represents an intricate interweave of culinary interest, food blogging and personal photography. Most blogs use images taken by the owner themselves and some of these blogs specialize in gourmet food photography. Food bloggers want to share the joys and tastes of their favorite cuisines. For some food bloggers, this means gastronomic travel; they enjoy creating blogs about interesting foods from different countries and submitting them to blog sites that specialize in food. Other food bloggers simply love to cook and like to share the recipes they create, whether it’s a deluxe Christmas dinner or the easiest recipes for a quick Sunday brunch.

To start a food blog, most food bloggers begin with a WordPress theme. One of the most popular WordPress themes for food blogs is called WP Flavour. This theme comes with several pre-installed icons and lots of great functionality. One great icon includes the Gourmet logo used by Ghiradelli, and others include clear labels for cupboards and recipe boxes. If you don’t want to use icons, the default WordPress theme comes with a widget that allows you to add a ‘recipe box’ to any post.

WordPress comes with a built-in social media platform, so food bloggers can share photos and recipes through Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare among others. To kick start your blog, there is no doubt that you’ll need a WordPress theme. You should choose a free theme like WP Flavour. If you know PHP, you can also learn how to build your own free theme in less than an hour.