How To Cook Mexican Dishes Using A Pressure Cooker

So, you’ve finally ventured out into your Mexican food store (hopefully) and are looking for some how to cook Mexican dishes. First off, I have a confession to make: I’m not a great chef. I’ll let you in on a little secret (sort of). My friends and family think I’m a food snob because I’ll make something just to impress them. I’m usually correct about that, but sometimes when I’m trying to make a simple dish, I just end up overcooking it. This usually ends up in a bad tasting dish that you probably won’t eat.

Here’s a how to cook Mexican dish that anyone can cook (and love) – quick and easy Mexican omelet. You can steam any type of bean, add vegetables of your choice, seasonings and whatever else you’d like. I find that using a pressure cooker makes things easier because it forces you to use more of your time to making the dish than it would if you were cooking it in an oven or stove. Canned garbanzo or canned chickpeas are easily available at any grocery store and are perfectly use them in your kitchen. That being said, cooking your own homemade batch of omelets is relatively easy, you get more control over the flavor and they taste much better.

When you’re ready to start cooking, simply add all ingredients into your pressure cooker and set your timer. Usually you can start cooking your beans cooked for about two hours depending on the size of your pot lid. Once your beans are cooked, simply take pot lid off of your cooker (careful, don’t burn yourself! ), add water and stir until the water is fully absorbed.